Essential Green Laundry Service see’s the importance to join in and “be the change” to not only assist in our community, but also our planet Earth with cleaning our water supplies so we can help the generations to come. Using organic plant-based cleaning products will eliminate problems for sensitive skin and assist the environment with recovering from harmful chemicals. We use the best natural laundry detergent so your clothes get clean Please join us with our passion and love for the Earth and humanity to help sustain the environment and a healthy community.

Most of the commonly used laundry detergents contain harsh cleaners & chemicals. Many consumers are not aware of this and may even have allergic reactions to laundry detergent. They leave a chemical residue on clothing. While wearing the clothes, this harmful residue rubs off and is absorbed by your skin and can be inhaled. Many times these chemicals can cause slight skin irritations and itchy eyes. They can even cause more severe reactions such as eczema and rashes. many of the commonly used chemicals are even known to cause cancer. 

These chemicals are not only harmful to you, but they are bad for the environment, plant life, and animal life. Why choose a natural, green laundry service? It’s pretty simple— it’s just better for you and for the planet. Our products make use of ingredients that are completely natural. These natural laundry detergents are completely safe for the environment and are biodegradable.


Why Go Green With Your Laundry?